Looking for a material design admin template for your app or website? These below-listed admin dashboard templates are exactly what you need. They are powered with React, Angular, Vue and come with beautiful material design.

Without a good steering wheel, even the most exotic car will be turned into an expensive garage ornament. The same principle can be applied to websites, given that the administration panel often provides a user-friendly method of site management. Following the trend of increasing technological accessibility, most admin templates are catered towards a casual audience. While most retain their complexity and advanced features, they are presented through an intuitive layout.

When it comes to HTML and CSS admin templates, bigger is not always better. Simplicity is a valued quality, given that the panel must serve a practical purpose. In fact, a complex template would most likely weight down the system and cause slow loading speeds. While some visual customization options will always remain, most of the items on this list will focused on cleaner, well-written codes, along with mobile-responsive layouts. The power to manage a successful website or application, by using a pocket–carried device, is nothing short of amazing.

Without further hesitation let’s have a look at the best material design dashboard templates:

Best admin templates for any app & project

ArchitectUI HTML (Most Popular)

material design dashboard

If you are on the hunt for an HTML admin template, we have quite a bunch ready and set for you to put into play. One of them is ArchitectUI. It is a site canvas based on Bootstrap 4, which means the outcome will be flexible and extendable. Of course, ArchitectUI is responsive, cross-browser compatible, retina-friendly and high performing. Regardless of the online project, you are starting, ArchitectUI makes sure it caters to the cause easily.

Once you unbox ArchitectUI, you get hit with a broad selection of components and widgets, nine stunning demos and different color skins. There are also all sorts of plugins included in the package, like Google Maps, Rodal Modals, CountUp, Slick Slider and Filterable Tables to name a few. Mix and match the available, introduce your style and customize ArchitectUI according to your preference.

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ArchitectUI – Angular 11 & Bootstrap

angular material design templates

ArchitectUI is way more than just an HTML admin template. This tool is out of this world. More precisely, it is a four-in-one template with all the needed for admins like no other. It is both an Angular admin, as well as a Bootstrap version with an Angular starter kit and evern a front-end landing page. There is a lot of stuff you will find in the ArchitectUI package once you download and unbox it.

First and foremost, there are five demos available of which each comes in an Angular and HTML style. You can expect more layouts to drop with future updates which each user gets for free and last for a lifetime. Moreover, ArchitectUI has three different menus, lazy loading, audio and video players, date and time pickers and eye-catching gradient color presets. Various forms, charts and an array of handy widgets come incorporated to help you out as much as possible.

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Florid- admin panel with horizontal top menu

Fiori is a magnificent HTML admin template with all the necessary and then some. There are loads of options and possibilities that Fiori unlocks once you start using it. In short, with the available layouts and elements, it will be a breeze constructing the ideal admin panel for your application. No need to start from scratch anymore, let Fiori take care of the hard work for you while you enjoy fine-tuning it.

As for the features, the list feels like never-ending. Fiori has a horizontal structure with an option to have a fixed or fluid layout. Moreover, you can modify the default configurations to your likings, change colors, set sticky header and other whatnots. Bear in mind, straight away, you get to select between nine stunning and up-to-the-minute demos. Use Fiori as is or make it your way, a professional end product is a guarantee either way.

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material design website template

Kero is a striking and easy to use HTML admin template based on Bootstrap 4. Any innovative and contemporary application you plan to launch, let Kero take care of its admin panel. With the different demos, you will quickly find the right look you want to sport. Of course, you do not need to stick to the out of the box version to a T; you can always step things you and alter the layout until it matches your taste.

You can choose between nine horizontal and nine vertical samples, as well as nine beautiful color presets. Kero also delivers over 150 components, 25 button types, ten different card styles and five icon packs. There is enough material and content available for you to hammer out a magnificent admin which will help you take your application to new heights.

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Sales Dashboard

sales dashboard

If you are looking for a way to collect all the sales and other financal data, Sales Dashboard is the way to go. This remarkable admin panel is here to help you save time with all sorts of great features and elements. It is also a Bootstrap Framework tool with a 100% fluid layout to operate on different devices butter smoothly.

Moreover, if you would like to perform any tweaks and improvements, by all means, make them happen. Not just that, you can also tailor Sales Dashboard to other applications and projects that you have going on.

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Cryptocurrency Dashboard

cryptocurrency dashboard

Using the latest technologies and following the current trends, this versatile Cryptocurrency Dashboard is excellent solution for your project. You can utilize it to create a powerful admin dashboard for your ICO, Bitcoin, CRM, CMS, analytics, you name it. There are tons of elements available to use and take to your total advantage. In addition to that, you can also customize Cryptocurrency Dashboard to your needs and regulations.

Moreover, the template uses Bootstrap Framework 4 and a group of over two hundred components. You also get to choose between dark and light layouts and implement any color choice you want.

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Finance SaaS Dashboard

finance saas dashboard

This next admin template does not really need an introduction, the name reveals it all. Finance SaaS Dashboard is a top-class solution based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework to ensure excellent performance. With one admin, you can now gather all the data and information and have a full overview in one location.

Scalable architecture, 100% mobile-friendly, ten ready-to-go color schemes and nine different dashboard solutions are just some of the specialties you get. Of course, feel free to preview it first and enjoy the simple and creative design and amazing functionality first-hand.

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Marketing Dashboard

marketing dashboard

If you are running multiple marketing campaigns for yourself or your clients, have them all organized with Marketing Dashboard. It is a superb admin template with great navigability and fantastic digest of as many details as you want. Marketing Dashboard also works great on mobile and desktop devices for an always smooth performance.

In the kit, you will find tons of features, like appas, forms, icons, animations, tables, charts and maps, amongst many more in between. The layout also comes with a sticky sidebar menu for an always accessible navigation. Create a powerful marketing admin panel now and make a difference.

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Analytic Dashboard

analytic dashboard

Hence the name, Analytic Dashboard is a neat and very practical admin template to enjoy reading statistics in a pleasant atmosphere. Even though you may be rocking heaps of statistics and details, Analytic Dashboard will still display them in a distraction-free way. The design is modern and minimal, focusing on the core objective first and foremost.

While you can use the template out of the box, indeed, you can also tailor it to your desires. There’s a collection of over two hundred configurable components that will get the ball rolling quickly. Start on the right path right now and create a rewarding admin panel.

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Directory Dashboard

directory dashboard

A full-blown admin panel that helps collect information, data and other whatnot in an eye-pleasing way. Directory Dashboard is here to help you start working on your project without kicking things off from scratch. You can employ all the numerous layouts and elements, mix and match them and call it a day. On top of that, don’t forget to include your creative twist and make your version of it.

Needless to say, Directory Dashboard is entirely responsive so that you can view your dashboard from any device conveniently. When opting for this template, you also get six months’ worth of support, updates and other perks.

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User Management Dashboard

user management dashboard

With User Management Dashboard, you will keep the profiles and other useful data in complete order. With a powerful admin template, you can save yourself plenty of time and energy, as you don’t have to do things from the ground up. Tons of practical components are at your disposal, ready and set to put them into play.

User Management Dashboard rocks only the current technologies and works great for other projects, applications and websites, too. You can modify it, improve it and fine-tune it; the template is here for everyone to get the most out of it.

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Hospital HTML Dashboard

hospital html dashboard

For the medical industry exclusively, Hospital HTML Dashboard is available to help you make things happen swiftly. If you are building an admin panel, look no further and enjoy all the goodies that this tool has in store for you. Let me tell you one thing, there’s a lot of stuff that you can take to your total advantage and make a masterpiece swifter.

Hospital HTML Dashboard features two main samples, internal pages, applications, widgets, forms and charts, to name a few. You can additionally modify the layout with any specialties that you would want it to present, too.

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material design html template with angular support

Monarch is a clean and minimal Bootstrap Material Design dashboard that comes in two versions – HTML and AngularJS. This template is mobile friendly and entirely optimized for any web app, SaaS, CRM, ERP or anything else. Monarch has loads of ready-made templates, modules, and widgets that you can quickly modify to your likings. Monarch is our favorite template on this list because of its clean design, functionality and well though library integration. On top of that, it will be a piece of cake using it.

Other treats of Monarch include striking UI elements, fast loading speed, browser compatibility and retina screen friendliness. Like that would not be enough, you can also customize Monarch entirely and make it follow your regulations exactly. Let’s quickly make one thing clear; if you are after establishing an admin dashboard, skip the tedious work of starting from scratch and employ Monarch.

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Metronic is one of the biggest and most popular material design dashboard templates you can currently get your hands on. With that in mind, you know already that Metronic is a multi-purpose admin layout with the ability to instantly cater to your project. Regardless of the application, you are about to bring to reality, let Metronic take care of the design part of the admin panel. You instantly get access to fourteen clean, minimal and sophisticated demos accompanied by tons of other pages and layouts.

Core features of Metronic are pre-built applications, smooth scrolling, outstanding performance, well-organized code and native 3rd-party plugins. You can also translate Metronic to any language you want as it is 100% multilingual. Last but not least, you can also be confident by the fact that your Metronic-based admin will operate fluently on all devices, retina screens and browsing platforms.

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adminpro admin template

AdminPro is, unquestionably, a professional admin dashboard website template. Although the web design is predefined, you can easily do things your way with AdminPro. The fact how simple it is to work with it, and how customization-open AdminPro is, opens unlimited options for you. Right off the bat, you get eight demos which vary from light, dark and even RTL. Other than that, you get a good deal of supplementary inner pages and five hundred UI components. Plenty charts along with widgets for this and widgets for that, AdminPro thought about stuff you have not even planned on launching yet. But when you decided to expand it, AdminPro has all the right elements for you to make it happen in a snap.
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espire admin template

With Espire, you will quickly sort out your project’s needs and demands. It is a cracking admin template with pixel perfect design and a fully responsive layout. Out of the box, you get three versions; Angular 5, AngularJS and a static HTML. Espire has a marvelous and uncomplicated design for you to have a clearer overview of your web application. You do not have to dig really deep or click numerous times to get to the desired location. With Espire, everything is to the point and undemanding.

Espire is cross-browser compatible, updated on a regular basis at no extra cost and features dedicated support. Furthermore, use the included widgets and edit the code which everyone will understand without breaking a single drop of sweat. Espire is an organized and well structured website skin for nifty admin panels.

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Admin Press

admin press template

Shall we look at some of Admin Press’ numbers it prides itself on? Why not! First, in the HTML admin template bundle, you will find five demos of which one is dark and one RTL. Moreover, Admin Press treats you to six dashboards, over one hundred plugins and more than five hundred UI components. The entire package has a whopping six hundred pages and a ton more fonts for the most complete admin dashboard. Admin Press is a Bootstrap 4 template what guarantees flexibility and simplicity regarding using and modifying it.

Admin Press has stunning validation forms, three-level drop-down menu, lovely gallery options and dedicated support. In-depth documentation and regular updates go with the latter to provide you full safety and comfortability. To truly understand how powerful and large Admin Press template is, you better check out live preview. Sit tight, it might blow you away.

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dashlite admin template

DashLite is a multi-concept admin template that you can use for eCommerce, crypto wallet, subscription business, analytics and tons more. Along the many different samples out of the box, you can also pick one and fine-tune it further to utilize it for something else. In short, you have endless possibilities, making DashLite work for you exactly how you want. For a small investment, you unlock unlimited opportunities.

Other features of DashLite contain predefined page layouts, clean code, free updates for a lifetime, custom icons, RTL support and dark mode. Still, this is just a small segment of all the amenities that you unlock yourself with DashLite. Also, if you ever find in need of support, reach out to DashLite’s friendly team at any time. Have your project under total control with a powerful admin dashboard, thanks to DashLite.

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midone admin template

Needless to say, without a solid admin, you can hardly get anywhere with your application or project. Thanks to all these templates that you find here, you can save yourself a ton of time and energy. With Midone, you can get things rolling in the right direction speedily, without breaking a single drop of sweat. With the fifty and counting production-ready layouts, you have more than enough material to mix and match the necessary for a top-notch outcome.

Like any other modern template, Midone also supports all screen sizes and popular web browsers for your convenience. The code is well-organized, too, so everyone easily gets the most out of Midone. Moreover, choose between dark and light mode, different pricing styles, create a blog section and even introduce a FAQ page. Yes, all this is possible with Midone and an array more.

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codebase admin template

Codebase is a pliable HTML admin template with countless options and fantastic features. Available is a nice selection of demos for cryptocurrency, eCommerce, corporate, social and other niche, yet versatile, pages. While each of the Codebase template’s element can be used as is, you can, at any time, adjust it to your needs. Layouts and UI components work together seamlessly to ensure top-notch usability and overall experience.

A bunch of Codebase’s features that need extra shine are smooth animations, retina readiness, six color schemes, modular design and clean and organized code. Both expert developers and beginners will significantly benefit from Codebase. Your forthcoming web applications will be of the highest standards, making sure everyone gets the most out of it.

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materialpro admin template

Rocking Google’s Material Design and Bootstrap 4, MaterialPro HTML admin template is stunning while at the same time advanced. The right combination that will do your web application well and making your lives simpler. The process of setting yourself up with the ideal admin does not have to be complicated and tedious anymore. For the most part, you can just go with what is ready to use and the end product is guaranteed to be the Rolls Royce of admins. But you know each template and every page, as well as different components, are modifiable and reusable. That said, if required, correct them, improve them and bring them to entirely new levels.

MaterialPro contains five one-of-a-kind demos, twelve preset color skins, light and dark layouts and loads of plugins. Nope, MaterialPro sure does not miss a thing rather over delivers to luxuriate its every user.

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monster admin template

There is nothing scary about Monster, even the fact that you and no one else is about to put together the ultimate admin. Bear in mind, this should not frighten you even if your experience is very minimum. And this goes for all HTML admin templates you find in this collection. That is correct, no matter which you go with, you will have a pleasant encounter with creating an admin like none out there.

Monster is stacked with six demos, five dashboards, more than one hundreds plugins and a total of over one hundred pages per demo. There is way more available that you will ever need but all for a good reason. With so much predesigned content, you are prepared for just about any challenge. In the Monster kit, there are also twelve colors, dark and light sidebars, amazing charts and mail and chat apps.

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cork admin template

Cork is a flexible and multi-purpose admin template that works for nearly any project or application that you would like to start. In short, it is for any back-end and then some. Not only does Cork come with plenty of predefined samples, but you can also customize the default look and tailor it to your requirements. You will also find dark and light mode, as well as full-blown RTL layouts.

Moreover, Cork is based on the well-liked Bootstrap Framework and guarantees responsiveness and mobile-readiness. In other words, your admin will operate without a hitch on all devices and modern web platforms. Other specialties come in the form of charts, maps, helpdesk, error page, chat and calendar amongst many more in between. Instead of doing all the work from the ground up, get things moving in the right direction with Cork now.

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skote admin template

With the clean and up-to-the-minute design, Skote is an admin template that works for all sorts of different intentions. From eCommerce and SaaS to CRM, application and other admin dashboards, with Skote, you can make them all. There are several ready-to-use demos at your disposal, readily available to put them into practice out of the box. Of course, you can additionally modify and tweak the default appearance, so that it matches you branding directions precisely.

There’s more.

Skote practices all the current web trends, which makes it operate on different devices and web browsers smoothly. Some more amenities of the tool include RTL support, dark and light mode, Google fonts, Box icons, data tables and tons of predefined pages and sections. Amazing documentation, a lifetime worth of updates and excellent support are also part of the deal.

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piaf html admin template

Create a hassle-free and stunning admin by highlighting your unique style and concept. Do it with Piaf, an admin template made especially for you. It is a well-designed layout for anything under the sun – from portfolios to agencies, application, blogs and more. Basically, Piaf is the connection between you and your front-end, giving you access to manage and maintain your online space with ease.

Piaf comes with an assortment of different features and components that will quick start your admin. Right off the bat, you get access to dark and light layouts of varying color schemes. All demos look spectacular either on desktop computers or smartphones. Piaf is also built with modern amenities keyboard shortcuts, smart menu, carousels and more. Organize and track the performance of your website’s activities with its slick structuring system that will never let you down. Piaf’s customer support is also quick, dedicated and reliable.

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justdo html admin template

Join the community of JustDo users and go about creating a sophisticated admin panel like a champ. Believe it or not, this HTML admin template has loads of features waiting for you. Each layout, element and component of Justdo is compatible with modern tech and web regulations.

JustDo has a contemporary approach that adapts to the millennial trend. This template also gives you the freedom to manage your own database with its all-in-one platform, executed perfectly in a seamless UI environment. It also contains cool and functional widgets that directly work with your website or application. Thanks to the wonderful structure of Justdo, working with the tool is quick and straightforward. Choose between different layouts, UI elements, internal pages and other convenient features that will help you realize the exact admin that you need.

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gull html admin template

Build a successful website with Gull, one of the leading HTML admin templates of our time. This spectacular tool works for personal and business projects, agencies, SASS and other applications. Gull has an advanced and detail-oriented design, responsive layout and special features like Gulp, Babel, Browsersync and comes fully compatible with your eCommerce business. This template is based on the latest technologies which produce crisp and high-resolution experience on all devices.

Gull offers virtually unlimited elements, multiple dashboard features, buttons and miscellaneous internal pages. All files are clearly organized and layered so you can easily use and edit them. Contact Gull’s friendly support team and they are more than happy to help you on your journey to building a top-notch admin. Moreover, Gull is based on Bootstrap and includes four main layouts to help you decide how you would like your dashboard to look.

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Ample Admin

Ample Admin is an awesome WebApp template. It is specially designed for admin panel feature enhancements. It works with a modern, simple but smooth look and 7 demos! Ample Admin is Bootstrap based and compatible with HTML and CSS3. Simplify apps introductions with all Bootstraps features to help backend actions. Dashboards get more than 10 new premium additions in a instant. Some of those additions Ample Admin gives you include MegaMenu and Range Slider. You can change 12 different tabs styles and improve your file uploading options. 3 different dashboard designs are also available. Ample Admin provides many applications to integrate to your website theme.

Lightbox, RTL and Summernote stand out from them. Get Princing tables, Maps location, and amazing panel add-ons. Ample Admin has some socializing features like e-mail boxes and chat a application. For general design 6 color skins are at disposal and lots of widgets. Ample Admin is made a simple non intrusive template. It works best for users with very basic themes ready to get updated. You will be able to learn and improve your knowledge on panel versatility. PSD files are also part of the deal for free! Look for its many to-long-to-write features and witness its powerful easy integration! Use Ample Admin!

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Fuse is a high-quality AngularJS Admin Template. It is flexible, clean and unique, based on the outstanding Angular Material Library. This product has multilingual options, offering to translate the layout into any language. Without a doubt, Fuse is an ideal choice for international customers. There are 12 pre-designed pages, along with 12 pre-built layouts. It is obvious that lack of variety will never be an issue. Four built-in apps are available, in addition to 3 distinct dashboards and 20 PSD files.

Should you encounter any issues with Fuse, do not hesitate to contact the premium support service. The support representatives are well-trained, polite, and eager to help. We should also mention that every customer will benefit from a series of free updates. These updates assure that your site or application will be able to keep up with the latest technological trends.

Followers can keep track of upcoming events, thanks to the calendar feature. In addition, a Mail function was added, allowing you to receive feedback or send out newsletters. Thanks to the personalized theme generator, Fuse can generate custom Angular Material Themes. These can include unique color schemes and other elements that help you stand you. A live preview is at your service for those who wish to learn more.

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Limitless is an admin template that offers boundless potential. Adaptable and streamlined, the layout will provide one of the best browsing experiences on the market. Limitless uses LESS and Bootstrap. In total, there are 4 versions of this template: a main variation, and 3 alternative styles. Limitless has over 1000 elements, in addition to multiple features and settings. Customers will benefit from untold freedom, as they get to design a product that matches their preference.

Your site or application’s capabilities will expand, as this product incorporates over 100 plugins. Just like its name suggests, Limitless removes all limits and shatters every boundary. Your online business will surely prosper. Of course, the entire experience will be friendly towards mobile device users, given that this admin template is entirely responsive. People from across the world will be able to enjoy your sites and apps from their tablets or smartphones. For customers who are also coders, Limitless is a blessing. There is a unique piece of code that is attributed to each file, making it easy for you to find and edit elements. In addition, the entire layout will be fully-translatable. For more info, be sure to access the live preview.

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It would be very hard to find an admin dashboard template that could match OneUI’s quality. This wonderful product allows you to construct your site’s backend and frontend using only a single, versatile user interface framework. It was constructed with LessCSS. As a result, OneUI has a modular design that is easy to extend, personalize and navigate. Even if you are a new user, it will feel familiar and comfortable. For both mobile and desktop computer users, this will be a very fast experience. OneUI taps into the power of the GPU, resulting in some modern, jaw-dropping animations. OneUI also uses popular AngularJS JavaScript MVW framework. Similar AngularJS powered admin templates you can find here.

Regardless of your device or screen size, this product can accommodate your system specifications. OneUI isn’t just a standard, cookie-cutter admin dashboard template. It was constructed from scratch, taking into account customer impressions and feedback. It provides a very personal experience, custom-made for its own community. A Calendar App is also in the bundle, along with a Mailbox App. Using these features, you will be able to tease upcoming events, and notify customers with well-written emails.  There is even a Code editor option. If you want to sample this amazing Bootstrap admin template before committing to a purchase, you can access the live preview.

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Elite Admin


Elite Admin is a clean and fresh-faced, incredibly modern and extremely intuitive, resourceful and responsive dashboard web app kit and admin template. The template is a convenient, cutting edge platform for webmasters, developers and app or tech startups that want to build potent, modern web apps in real time online servers with sophisticated backend features and functionality that allows them to get truly innovative with their products. Elite Admin furnishes you with six different dashboards you can set up in your backend, each with complex sets of admin tools and analytical functions and capabilities so you know exactly how your website ticks, what drives your traffic and where, with tons of awesome reporting interfaces so the data can be readily analyzed.

Elite Admin also includes awesome tools for helping you craft the end user interface of your web apps. Over a thousand pages are available along with Elite Admin, so that you can always find the right way to express yourself. Three thousand icons and five hundred user interface elements round off this powerful admin template’s selection. Built on HTML5, Bootstrap and CSS3, Elite Admin is ready to take your apps to the next level. Try Elite Admin today, and see for yourself!

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If you want to experiment with Bootstrap and HTML templates before you decide if they are what you are looking for. You might want to research free alternatives such as these admin templates.

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