Hey IG fans, are you ready to take your online presence to the next level with our WordPress Instagram themes selection?

I know I am!

There are SO MANY amazing designs available, but we settled with these 23. (It’s so hard eliminating some, sorry.)

They cover a ton of different personal and business websites. Especially blogs.

You can now save a ton of time and money (no need for plugins) if Instagram is mandatory for your page.

Display your beautiful feed (full of amazing content!) easily and quickly.

Download. Connect. Customize. Impress.

It’s time for a difference.

Note: Check out our WordPress Instagram plugins review if you already run a website but don’t know how to link it with Instagram.

Best WordPress Instagram Themes


sitka wordpress instagram theme

Sitka is a spectacular WordPress Instagram theme for pretty much any blogger. With the several demos to choose from, Sitka ensures a speedy and spectacular realization of a compelling blog.

Each web design is modern and creative, easily catering to many different tastes, no matter how picky you are.

Sitka is here to take care of your ideas and wants without a hitch whether you are kicking off a new project for the first or 10th time.

It is compatible with Gutenberg, responsive, fast-loading and in tune with web browsers. You can also comfortably personalize Sitka’s default look and make it follow your directions to a T.

Needless to say, Sitka is search engine friendly, too, so your enticing posts get picked up by Google quicker.

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newspoint wordpress instagram theme

Newspoint is a WordPress Instagram theme for bloggers, as well as newspaper and online magazine owners. There are 5 index page demos available, along with several more inner layouts.

While you can work with the ready-made content, you can also tweak it with help from King Composer page builder.

That said, take the extra mile as you do not need to know how to code to customize Newspoint. Match it to your signature style.

Every reader of your content will have the same fantastic experience, regardless of the device they use. Newspoint works seamlessly on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

It is also optimized for SEO and in harmony with modern web browsers. If you need any additional assistance, you can skim through the documentation or get in touch with the support team.

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brixton wordpress instagram theme

One of the WordPress blog themes that will fulfill all your minimal blogging requests is Brixton. It is quite original in the looks, yet still very basic and straightforward.

Along with many super features, Brixton is fully compatible with Instagram. It comes with a widget which you can use to stick your Insta feeds straight to your website.

Of course, the theme is also in tune with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. There is a separate widget for each available as well.

It comes with Revolution Slider and continuously updated with new features and demos. You can use it out of the box or do adjustments and individualize it.

Bring your storytelling to an entirely different and more professional level with, Brixton.

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redwood wordpress instagram theme

With our list of the best WordPress Instagram themes, including Redwood theme was a must. A very popular theme with bloggers and only bloggers in mind.

But this could mean a whole bunch of niches and industries since Redwood is very adaptable. You can use it for lifestyle, travel, food, DIY and any other hobby you have.

To help yourself with promotion, Instagram is a fantastic way of doing it.

The photo sharing platform allows you to get on a personal level with your audience and become friends with them.

Everyone can enjoy your amazing profile on the actual platform and now on your website.

Worry not how to make it happen since the awesome responsive WP theme, Redwood, comes with a custom Instagram widget plugin. You can feature your photos in the sidebar or in the footer with a full width feed.

You can entertain your readers with it, plus, you can also grow your Instagram profile.

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buzzblog wordpress instagram theme

With BuzzBlog theme, there is not much effort, other than one click on the mouse, needed to launch your first blog.

There are over 60 different index pages, 5 ready-to-use headers and 12 blog layouts to choose from.

But what is for all of us the most important aspect of BuzzBlog is the full width Instagram feed.

Very straightforward with a nice hover effect that provides all the additional information about each image: likes, comments, descriptions, hashtags and even who is tagged in the photo.

You can display all the latest photos you published on your growing Insta account. And it all happens automatically, you do not have to do anything manually.

By choosing BuzzBlog, you have complete control over the design of the WordPress blog theme.

You now have the opportunity to be a blogger, a designer and a developer all at once.

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authentic wordpress instagram theme

A blog and a magazine style WordPress theme for every Instagram enthusiast. Have you ran into the Authentic theme, yet?

Authentic is one of the top performing WordPress Instagram themes that you should definitely further investigate.

Along with all the social media buttons, custom widgets for top social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, are also at your service.

Your recent Insta images will appear with a number of likes and comments. Visitors can not only see your amazing visuals but how popular you are, too.

Moreover, if they like what they see, there’s a good chance they will start following you on Instagram.

Make your content easily go viral with Authentic WP theme. The theme is entirely customizable so make sure you use its full potential.

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uppercase wordpress instagram theme

Uppercase is a blogging WordPress theme that easily integrates with Instagram and other favorite social media.

You will immediately notice the original and distinct design that Uppercase has. It gives you a chance to easily stand out from the masses. In fact, there are multiple designs at your disposal out of the box.

Other cool features of Uppercase are night/day toggle, AMP compatibility, lazy loading, autoloading posts and AdSense integration.

This is still just a small segment of all the specialties that Uppercase has available.

You can also reach out to the team of experts in case you need any help and support.

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tripster wordpress instagram theme

Tripster is another modern and trendy WordPress theme that is entirely compatible with Instagram and other social platforms. It is a tool for travel and lifestyle blogs, but you can alter it to something else, too.

You will never need to deal with code, regardless of how much customization you would like to perform with Tripster.

Tripster treats you to just about everything that you want for a quick blog launch. All you need is one tool for the smooth and stable operation of an online journal.

You can play with all sorts of features and functions to create your dream outcome. Go.

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piemont wordpress instagram theme

You can have your personal or business WordPress blog up and running with Piemont theme speedily.

It allows you to craft an elegant and beautiful page which will be home to all of your enticing content.

Do not miss out on this one since your fans will enjoy every second of every minute when browsing it. And you can easily use Instagram to drive more traffic to your page and vice versa.

We can call Piemont the WordPress Instagram theme since it puts so much focus on it.

Piemont has a special section in the admin panel which you can find under Footer Instagram Title. You can use your custom title in the footer for your Instagram block.

There is a lot more that Piemont can do for you than just sporting full Instagram support. There are several pre-defined demos available which you can use for food, interior design, digital, travel and fashion blog creation.

You can also go with a custom CSS style and customize the responsive WordPress blog theme however you want.

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kloe wordpress instagram theme

If fashion is your thing, you will absolutely love Kloe. It is a multi-purpose WordPress theme which you can use for blogs, portfolios, shops and other businesses.

Due to its flexibility, you will not have a problem performing small adjustments and make it ready for other industries.

Launching a fresh website with Kloe will be a piece of cake. Not only that but making it Instagram rich, too.

Are you ready to start a fashion-based website which you can use for your creations or sharing style tips?

Kloe does not require any coding skills llike any other of the WordPress Instagram themes you find on this list.

Constructing a website with Kloe doesn’t require much just some clicking, dragging and dropping.

Simple, just the way you like it.

But the possibilities are endless, so make sure you take them to your advantage.

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journey wordpress instagram theme

A theme which you will definitely be digging is Journey. What just came to my mind is that building a website with Journey will not be that wild of an experience for you.

Because it’s so insanely easy to make it happen. I know you’re more adventurous than that!

Journey covers several, ready-to-use demos and a ton of other features which allow you to bring your desired blog into being with as little effort as possible.

Even when it comes to things like Instagram, Journey theme is equipped with a footer feed and all the needed social media icons.

Begin your blogging journey today.

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hipster wordpress instagram theme

If you like things retro, then you just might landed at the right section of this WordPress Instagram themes collection.

Here is Hipster.

Describing it with just a few words would be: it is a WP theme which comes packed with features, like Revolution Slider and WOW Slider.

Purchase the two separately and you will soon realize how much you actually save with Hipster theme.

Plus, you save time as well.

Hipster has a responsive design and comes with 4 demos. It is WooCommerce ready for you to build a shop.

Since the promotion of your website is important, social media can do a lot for you.

Link your website to your Instagram feed and get the most out of it. Hipster is ready for all your challenges.

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amory wordpress instagram theme

Amory’s cleanliness and smoothness will make you become a fan in an instant. You can enjoy a quick launch of your first blog or freshen up your current one with an entirely new design, thanks to numerous available demos.

There is even a demo which comes ready with the WooCommerce plugin.

Or if you are a hobby or even professional photographer, there is a demo for you, too. Actually, you can tailor Amory to multiple niches and industries.

What’s cool about Amory is displaying Instagram feed in the footer area. Besides, you can use a widget in your sidebar to display your recent Insta posts for even more hype.

Amory has all the features of a stunning WordPress Instagram theme. The simplicity, yet professionalism, of the theme will certainly inspire you.

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hooray wordpress instagram theme

Hip Hip, Hooray! Who is excited about another magnificent WordPress theme for storytelling?

If you are using a free WordPress blog theme and would like to upgrade, Hooray is the theme that will do you good.

With a theme that has a fun name, you’re guaranteed to have lots of jolly moments when creating your ideal website.

This theme is fully responsive and retina ready with a featured slider and a carousel. You will not have a problem impressing your guests and getting them look around your website with the two.

It is always wise to think twice when choosing the right images. But if you are already a great photo blogger on Instagram, that you will not have a problem.

Speaking of Instagram, Hooray is ready and prepared to have your killer Insta posts featured on your freshly designed blog with ease.

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flow wordpress instagram theme

With Flow, you can create home for all your creations and get people aware of what you are doing – stunningly!

One of the ways that creatives can promote themselves is by building a free Instagram profile.

Join your website with Instagram and have an even steadier growth of both.

Bloggers can really bond with their fans once on the photo sharing social media platform. Have your online presence complete with Flow theme and the available IG widget.

There are 3 main styles of index pages Flow treats you with: Original, Creative and Waterfall.

In total, there are 9 homepages available and 6 unique blog templates.

You shouldn’t miss Flow if you are looking for something different.

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laurel wordpress instagram theme

Laurel is a blog and an online store theme for personal and business use. Share your story and sell your DIY products both at the same time.

Let Laurel do its thing and make your work shine and stand out from the crowd.

The first thing that needs mentioning is the custom styling for the WP Instagram Widget plugin. Developers tweaked it a bit, so it smoothly follows the flow of Laurel’s layout.

Your Instagram posts, becoming one with the website, are what your users will definitely love.

Along with blog section, shop integration and Insta friendliness, Laurel can do much more for you. It is fully translatable, allows you to customize colors and sports two different header layouts.

As far as the newsletter subscription goes, Laurel’s custom MailChimp for WordPress will help you grab more emails.

With just one solid item, you don’t really need anything else for a successful launch and maintenance of your blog.

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conall wordpress instagram theme

Once coming across Conall multi-purpose theme, it was quite an obvious addition to the list.

It is beautiful, clean, minimal, contemporary and highly extensible. But most importantly, it’s a multi-functional theme which you can use for all sorts of online projects.

You pick the niche and industry and Conall will help you build a website for it.

There are 12 homepage styles available for fashionistas, businesses, restaurants, blogs, mobile apps and architecture.

The admin section is user-friendly so even newbies can create professional looking websites effortlessly.

Tons of shortcodes, 5 headers, testimonials and changeable grid size are just a few of the extra features worth knowing.

Conall is a theme that under promises and over delivers.

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sugarblog wordpress instagram theme

Style and fashion enthusiasts, you are looking at a sweet treat that goes by the name, SugarBlog.

Although your content is the number one thing of a successful blog, the layout and the features are still highly important. And one of the goodies you should be after is Instagram integration.

At the end of the day, aren’t we here for the best WordPress Instagram themes? In SugarBlog’s case, that is exactly what you get.

And for the Insta part, there is a full-width feed available as an additional entertainment for your readers.

From 11 blog layouts, pop-up subscribe page and custom login page to 4 headers 6 six sliders, SugarBlog is no joke. Of course, it is also equipped with other pages for galleries, archives, FAQs and 404.

If you see fit in SugarBlog, by all means, make it your Instagram theme of choice.

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